Great Lakes Brewing Company - Comic Book Heritage Night

If you're from Cleveland, you love Great Lakes Brewing Company. You know the name of every beer by heart, line up around the block for  Christmas Ale (Ooo christmas aleeee), and drive by Ohio City with your  windows down just to get a whiff of the malt-y air. Clevelanders take a  huge amount pride in everything from our city and our beer is no  exception. And, as the birthplace of Superman, we also love comics.

That's how we found ourselves in GLB's tasting room in June for a night honoring a perfect Cleveland match: Beer and Comics. To celebrate the release of the new Superman-esq Pub Brew: Truth, Justice, and the American Ale, the brewery invited us and our good friends at Carol and John's Comics to  bring in some nerdy goodness. Suffice to say, it was a pretty fantastic  night.

Thanks to Caruso Videography for the awesome video!

Craig Worrell

Ben Hale

Erin Schechtman

Randy Crider