Round 9: A tribute to Ralph McQuarrie

On March 3, 2012, legendary concept artist Ralph McQuarrie passed away. Many of you may not know him by name but, you know his work.  Ralph McQuarrie created concept artwork for a huge number of beloved films including  E.T., Total Recall, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Back to the Future. Any of those films alone would place Mr. McQuarrie squarely in the upper echelon of designers, but he is perhaps best know as the artist who George Lucas first hired to conceptualize the "Star Wars" universe. Ralph McQuarrie is responsible for visualizing characters and concepts that have ignited the imaginations of generations of artists and undoubtedly will continue to do so long after all of us reading this are gone. For all of these reasons, we here at "Rust Belt" central have decided to pay tribute to the work of this amazing artist.

For a better understanding of Ralph McQuarrie's art and life PLEASE check out his website, and to see excellent examples of his "Star Wars" work and read a touching tribute by George Lucas,  go here Ralph McQuarrie Remembered (this one is very much worth it).